Earth Health Trust


Total Remediation and Fortification of Earth’s Holobiont-Microbiome System


Simultaneously Optimize Public, Wildlife and Environmental Health through Carbon-Based Reintegration Of And With the Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Lithosphere and Atmosphere


Provide Coherence, Conduit and Connections that Promote Interface, Exchange and Inertia Between Micro and Macro Energy, Material and Informational Inputs, Operations and Outputs

Gaiazyme Life Systems

Form Active Cells of a Living Earth. Link Autonomous Cells into Ecological Networks. Support Cellular Health via Earth Systems Oneness.

Path Forward

  • Growth Inspiration
  • Heliomimicry
  • Balance

Foundation Behind

  • Cohumification
  • Biogeomimicry
  • Integration

Bridge Between

  • Plasmoid Unification
  • Hydromimicry
  • Unity

Synanthropic Ecology

Growing Mutual and Commensal Relationships with Human Communities. Reintegration Of And With The Earth.

Integrative Landcare

  • Carbon Based Soil Fertility & Natural Plant Health
  • Integrate Ag Systems & Earth Systems
  • Precision Health & Prescription Eco-Services


  • Mesophyte Succession
  • Recombinant Ecologies
  • Anthropocene Anthroposophy


  • Repair dysbiosis, toxicity and pollution
  • Protect biodiversity, biogeochemical cycles and planetary boundaries
  • Build wildlife habitat, community infrastructure and ecosystem services


  • Autonomy & Ecology
  • Conservation & Liberation
  • Remediation & Fortification


  • Linear To Circular
  • Flows of Energy and Materials
  • Motion, Momentum, Inertia (Perpetuation)

Earth Health System

  • Public, Wildlife & Environmental Health
  • Unified Theory & Practical System
  • Decentralized & Voluntary

Public Health

  • Physiology: Body, Mind, Spirit
  • Sociology: Culture, Community, Economy
  • Ecology: Sourcing, Processing, Cycling

Wildlife Health

  • Biomass: Habitat, Microclimate, Sinks
  • Biodiversity: Keystone, Flora, Fauna
  • Bioactivity: Regeneration, Adaptation, Sanitation

Environmental Health

  • (Bio)Integrity: Biogeology, Bioclimatology, Ecohydrology
  • (Bio)Security: Biogeochemical Cycles, Ecosystem Services, Planetary Boundaries
  • (Bio)Safety: Personal Boundaries, Toxicology, Hygiene


Frameworks of Traditional Knowledge and Contemporary Science


  • Root Causes and Symptoms
  • Deep Ecology
  • Universal


  • Germ and Terrain
  • Biocentric
  • Unified


  • Energy and Materials
  • EcoKinetic
  • Unique

“Read books and study nature;
and when the two don’t agree,
throw out the book.”

William A. Albrecht

Soil Science Pioneer

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